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College Days
21 May 2009

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17 May 2009

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Street Cricket
15 May 2009

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Cart by the Sea
14 May 2009

Recent Comments

Basile Pesso on Some Gardening here.
So much happiness and intelligence on their faces... Very good tint, also.

Devendra on The Bloody Grin
amazing shot!, beautiful composition and colors

Paul on Serene Old Times
Beautiful capture

Cathounette on Monkey Man
très amusante cette photo, et j'aime beaucoup les couleurs. bravo

k@ on Monkey Man
Oh this is soulful ! The compo with the branches and the onkey (especially his tail) is a marvel and the soft tones are ...

yiannis krikis on Lonely Tree & the Empty Bench
very nice view

Sarito on Lonely Tree & the Empty Bench
Lovely shot!

Elena Kotrotsou on Lonely Tree & the Empty Bench
Nice shot

Mathew D'sa on Blue Water & Green Trees
Very very nice pic. The coconut palm in the foreground really gives the picture depth.

Mirko Herzner on a thousand shades of green maybe..
I even count a thousand and one ;-) Well composed image.

k@ on Tete on the Edge
I like how the 2 lines criss-cross, the sharp one and the misty one, with that miss standing in-between as a humain ...

Lash on Tete on the Edge
Hi thanks everyone. I am hoping to be active here soon. :)

Cathounette on Tete on the Edge
Hello my dear friend. I've changed my mind lol. Back on Aminus. Kisses to you and your nice and sweet nieces.

Eleftheria on Cart by the Sea
Very nice composition!

Christel on Tete on the Edge
an impressive photo. I hope not, that the person has fallen down. The colors of this recording are very colorful and ...

Eros on Tete on the Edge
nice photo, cool scenery

IMP on Tete on the Edge
Back In action...neat fotos...

Michael on Loner
Nice picture. I like hazy fog in the background. Kind of reminds me of the Lone Cypress Tree at Pebble Beach in ...

Eros on Loner
wonderful shot Lash... and such a nice place

joshi daniel on Sister Love - 2

lux on Sister Love - 2
Again, the cuties. Nice one again.

Swetha Iyer on Sister Love - 2
Ahh !! Love the look on their faces..! Gleaming in all the importance and air time.. :)

lux on Bicycle Ride with Dad
I love the scene, well done!!!

lux on Sister Love - 2
Very loveley, I like the smooth tones.

Monami on Sister Love - 2
they're beautiful.

yiannis krikis on Sister Love - 2
very beautiful b&w and moment

mady on Is he leaning onto the wall or lying on the road?
lashy dear why dont u put one of your snaps......i think we all are eager to see you in one of your snaps...

mady on Rains & Recession

Lalena on Sister Love - 2
Enjoing!! Very funny, lovely!

Onlymehdi on Sister Love - 2

Elena Kotrotsou on Sister Love - 2
Lovely girls

k@ on Sister Love - 2
Yes, love of sisters is so real here !

Eros on Sister Love - 2
wonderful and adorable

Catherine Biagini on Sister Love - 2
que d'amour dans cette photo, que de tendresse. Ces fillettes sont adorables. Elles aiment le photographe, et le ...

jelb on Bicycle Ride with Dad
Bonsoir, well done framing and lightness..Nice stree capture..Bravo!

Onlymehdi on Bicycle Ride with Dad

Anna.C on Bicycle Ride with Dad
nice street shot !

NADINE DERUYCK on Bicycle Ride with Dad
Beautiful street scene

Elena Kotrotsou on Bicycle Ride with Dad
Very sweet

Onlymehdi on The Weekend Clash
Very Cool

Elena Kotrotsou on The Weekend Clash
I like the movement

Swetha Iyer on Kid Competition
Where is that yellow ball?! Nice capture there.!!

Lambspun on News Seller
Wonderful shot! Colors are great and the portrait of the gentleman is awesome. Great job!

Onlymehdi on News Seller
Very cool

Yvon on News Seller
very nice portrait of a sympatic news seller

k@ on News Seller
Superbes couleurs et tu l'as bien cadré, j'aime !

Catherine Biagini on News Seller
belle couleur, beau sujet, contemporain, style grand reporter ! dépaysant

Catherine Biagini on Kid Competition
belle posture, les yeux froncés et la langue tirée qui marquent la concentration ! belle capture lash ;-)

lux on What's your sport?
You are working for this brand? How cool, in Germany this is kind of cult. My sport is cycling.

Elena Kotrotsou on Kid Competition
He seems to be very focused on the game!

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