About Lash


This is what I do these days - clicking photographs. I am one of those sorts who tries his hand at everything and then ends up nowhere.

Therefore this could also turn out to be one such fad,but then I don't worry much about it. Right now, I like to click pictures, process them and put them up for people to see it.

I am more of a post-processing guy therefore to the naive eye these work would look good - but then only to naive eyes.

The "knowledgable" wouldn't stop frowning and I am aware of that.

But we all love our bit of attention don't we? I am just seeking some.

Photography Equipment

Canon Power Shot SX 100 IS.

This is not a SLR model, neither is the camera mine.

I don't think I can ever buy one, cos that needs dough,

and she has often eluded me for some strange reason :)